Monday, January 28, 2013

colors and prints

I can never get bored with colors or prints. I don't care what season or what trend is out there, I can always make my colors and prints amazeballs. LOL. 
This print has a royal, noble look with the gold and colorful gems detail on the blouse itself. For the whole outfit, I braided my hair up and added some gold accessories to go along with it. NOW I feel like a QUEEN. Hahahaha

Hello SOLDIER!!! EARTHY TONED PRINT. This is one of my favorite piece.

I wore this outfit to one of my relatives wedding. It's actually 2 pieces. The top looks like water marble print and I love how flowy it is. I added a puffy pink skirt underneath to create more volume.   

I'm in love with this sweater people. It's so funky and fun. The texture is amazing and cool.

I'm a ROBOT :)

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