Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mah blog now feel like a SECOND MySpace...LOL
Just a little update from my trip to the JERSEY SHORE ;)
If ya'll have a chance U should definitely visit Cape May, beautiful beachhhhhhhhh and U must go to  WILDWOOD, freakin' awesome. I didn't go on the extreme rides but man those big ass roller-coasters were crazy enough to make me pee mah pant =))))
Oh! Wat I wore??? Can ya'll see? I went all TIGER out...woooohoooo. I also did my manicure TIGER print >>> Hell to the YESSS. It was kinda chilly that day so I didn't even swim, just hangin' on the boardwalk.  
Anyway, if ya'll follow me on my facebook page then U already seen all my new looks update. My lazy ass need motivation to write blog. 
Till next time :))TAKE CARE

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