Saturday, April 28, 2012

Too much AWESOMENESS to handle


It's the Weekend :) What are mah sunshine babes are up to? 
      The weather next week is going to be fabulous so hopefully I can do some new photo shoots for yew guys. My crazy cousin is coming on MONDAYYYYYY (from Viet Nam)....OMG >>> OMFFFGGGGG... I haven't seen her buttface in 6 years and I just can't waittttt. She gunna bring so many goodies for moaaaaazzzzzzz {clothes, purses, uhm...foods (duhhhh)}...and many many more. OH YEAHHHHH! 
I'm so happppyyy... La La La` La' La La`. Be Jellloooo ;) Btw, more items for SALE are coming tomorrow, make sure ya'll follow me on my facebook and blog to get all the latest update. 

Now take a look at some of my outfits here :)

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