Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Story of Rapunzel's HAIR :) Hahaha

     I am real picky when it comes to HAIR. It almost been 3 years since I have my last ass time isn't it? Well, cuzz  my hair takes 4evaaa to grow and all the Hair Salons I been to suck. I never satisfied with my hair and it gets till the point that I just stop doing anythin' to it. No more hair flattener or curling iron...I just let my hair grow naturally. Turn out, I <3 mah hair so much now. It's so sexayyy yoo! Hahaha...

 What type of hair styles do U guys like or wish to have?

Result after putting my hair in a bun :) 

Here is my bun bun... New Year Eve 2012!

First I put my hair in a ponytail but I wasn't happy with it, so I started to tease the shit out of it and see how awesome it looks. Suddenly I discovered a new hair style for myself. Moahahahahaha

X~mas PARTAYYY 2010....Feminine and very attractive style

Tried to make a rock star hair style but failed ......LOL

 17th B-daiiii >>> In a cute, innocent mode 
Curly Mohawk 

Curled the end tip of my hair, I think it looked very sophisticated :)

Little curl in a side way, it brought a balance to my outfit since it has a lots of straight lines and stripes.

Hehehe, I miss this just so playful and fun ( I was in HIGH )


Hair accessories can really make a bold statement to your style

Big Bun with my DIY flower hair clip

This hair took me 3 mins :) AM I SHITTING YEWW? YUP YUP

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