Monday, March 19, 2012


 It's SUNDAY! 0.0 uhmm...not a FUN DAY cuz MONDAY is a B**** :((

         This is one of my FASHION statement pieces with the "Mix~Mess~Match" method. I love this outfit to death because it really defines my individual style. Hast, necklace, bracelets, gloves, socks, rings, belts....all these accessories are the must-have items in my closet. Sometimes, I like to call my accessories "MAGIC" cuz they just bring all my looks to the new level. I don't consider clothes are just something U put on to hide yo naked body, but something U can have fun and be creative with. Clothes is also a great way to make yoself become more confident in public.  
         One thing, I  NEVAAA EVAAA NEVAA EVAA give a damn about wat people think of me cuzzz I would never be satisfied with mahself when I have to please those HATERS. I can't make every single person on this EARTH happiii cuz that's not mah freakin job :) UHMKayyy, enough with lesson for life.



BONUS: I wore this to the Cherry Blossom Festival last year. The only difference was I paired this blazer with PURPLE  and BLACK shade instead of NUDE :) I wanted to give it a little pop like yo face ...hahaha

P.S. I need some ideas about Wat to wear to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year  :) Leave yo comments below and U will get hell lots of LUCKssssss this year. 

Air kissesssssss :* Moahhzzzz :* Moahhhzzz:*

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