Thursday, March 15, 2012


Wat time is it? Time for me to write my blog.......LOL

Wat do you think about this outfit? 

     For me, I feel like a Jazz Singer :) The metallic texture gives this outfit a musical vibe. I can imagine myself holding a Saxophone and swirling my head around....hahaha. Did u see those bad ass heels? That was one of my DIY project, show U guys the pixxx later ( dun get too exited...LMAO). U probably wonder where da hell did u get that enormous necklace???? Yup yup yup...It's hella cool(Be Jealous). I got it last Halloween and it said KING PIN on it. It makes me feel POWERFUL and it can be a fashion statement piece,too. 


2morrow is Fridayyyyyyyyyy....Yay :)Enjoy yo dope nite.....PEACE OUT

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